Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Are you spending a lot of time running reports?

Save yourself time, automate your Crystal Reports?

Many people have reports that they run monthly, weekly, even daily.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just come into the office and have that report that you run daily just sitting in your inbox, or sitting in a designated directory on your server for all users to access.  Maybe it is a report that you run once a month, by setting that report to run on the same day and time every month, you will not have to remember to do so.  If it is a report that takes several minutes to run, having the report run and send to you will free up some of you very valuable time.

Crystal Reports automation allows you to run required reports at defined intervals and export them in a number of formats.  You can have the reports pushed out to a directory of your choice in either excel, PDF, or another format, or you can have the exported report emailed to any number of email addresses.  You can even encrypt the files for an added layer of security.

If you want more information with Crystal Reports writing and/or automation or reporting, give Mike at M&M Solutions a call today.

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